It has become clear that Manchester United are building on two defenders.

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Manchester United have been struggling for a while now. This is starting to happen, after the loss of two defenders, who have suffered from injuries.It has become clear that Manchester United are building on two defenders.

In the last three months, this Manchester United team was the most aggressive team on the European continent.

He beat Manchester City and performed wonders in the UEFA Europa League, where he defeated teams, including the world’s greatest FC Barcelona.

Valane and Martinez play well together
Valane and Martinez play well together

He did this with the defenders in a good position, thus giving great peace to the goalkeeper De Gea. At the heart of the defense were Raphael Valane and Lisandro Martinez. He is supported by Aaron Wann-Bissaka who plays on the right side and Luke Shaw, who plays on the left side. It has become clear that Manchester United is building on two defenders.

Things got worse, Argentina’s Lisandro Martinez broke down. Coach Eric Ten Hag decided to bring back Swede Victor Rindolf to the heart of the defense to partner Raphael Varane.


Harry Maguire na Victor Lindelf

Harry Maguire na Victor Lindelof 

Rindelf and Valane didn’t play as well as Valane did against Martinez, but it wasn’t too bad. Manchester United, then, was hit by a thunderbolt without water, when Raphael Valane also broke down.

The man was injured in the match between his team Manchester United and FC Sevilla in the first quarter of the UEFA Europa League.

As soon as Valane was injured, he was replaced by the team’s all-time captain Harry Maguire.

The defenders of Manchester United, this game ended with two goals, and their team was defeated by Marcel Zabitzel.

The absence of these two defenders, made the coach of this team lack options among the remaining players.

As in the Sevilla play-off, in the heart of the defense he had brought back two men who had not played in the goalkeeper position for two years.

They are Victor Nelson Lindelf and Harry Jacob Maguire. They did a fantastic job and the team was hit with five quick goals.

It has been difficult for this coach to choose his players. Because on Thursday night when Manchester United played against Tottenham, Luke Shaw, who usually plays on the left back, had brought him to the heart of the defense when he teamed up with Victor Lindelof.

The players who don’t play well on all sides are the players who play twice. Aaron Wann-Bissaka was playing on the second, and Diogo Dalot, who usually replaces Bissaka on the second, was playing on the other side of the third.




The coach decided to put Luke Shaw in the heart of the defenseThe coach decided to put Luke Shaw in the heart of the defenseThe trickery of defenders into off-ball positions has had a huge impact on Manchester United’s team. The first half of the game ended with the fans hoping to get three points.

At the end of the day, this team has already scored two goals against Tottenham. Tottenham paid for these goals with ease, and the game ended with both teams level on points.

Since Manchester United lost their central defenders, it was not the first time that they had scored two goals and the opposition came from behind to pay for it.

As we mentioned above, in the match against FC Sevilla, he had scored Marcel Zabitzel’s goals, but he came to pay for it in less than a minute.


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