M23 occupied the area of ​​Mushaki in Masisi.

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M23 occupied the area of ​​Mushaki in the territory of Masisi after the fighting between this group and the forces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, FARDC on Wednesday morning.M23 occupied the area of ​​Mushaki in Masisi.

Mushaki is an area 15 kilometers west of Sake where the M23 clashed with the FARDC in the early hours of the morning, according to a civil society statement.

According to Radio Okapi, the information from the people of the area is that the M23 occupied it after heavy fighting and the use of heavy weapons.

Those residents continue to say that fighting continues in the suburbs of Mushaki where the troops of the Democratic Republic of Congo have fled.

Another battle took place near Sake at Murambi three kilometers from Sake.

The capture of Mushaki by M23 has caused traffic between Goma and the capital of Masisi to stop.

The Congolese army has yet to announce anything about the fighting, according to Radio Okapi.

Meanwhile, in the Kishishe and Bambo region, there was an explosion after the fighting that took place on Tuesday evening between M23 and FARDC on one side and Mai-Mai on the other.

North Kivu: fierce fighting between FARDC and M23 near Saké and Mushaki

Since early Wednesday, February 22, fierce fighting has pitted the DRC Armed Forces (FARDC) against M23 rebels and their RDF allies, near Saké and Mushaki in the Kamuronza and Mupfunyi Matanda groupements, in Masisi territory.

In Mushaki, 15 kilometers west of Saké, the M23 and their allies attacked FARDC positions early, according to local civil society sources.

At the end of violent combats whose heavy weapons were put to contribution, the M23 and allies, have just occupied this locality, attest the local notables.

They claim that the fighting is currently taking place around Mushaki where the army had retreated.

Several inhabitants who emptied Mushaki as well as the localities located along the Mushaki-Saké road are already arriving in Saké, report our sources in Saké.

Another front is open near Saké. The fighting takes place in Murambi, 3 kilometers from Saké.

The occupation of Mushaki by the M23 has just cut off traffic between Goma and the capital of Masisi territory. The army has not yet communicated on these fights.

Calm in Rutshuru territory

However, a relative lull is observed this Wednesday in the region of Kishishe and Bambo, after fighting all the evening of Tuesday, February 21 between the M23 rebels against the FARDC on the one hand and against the Mai-Mai on the other.

But, the tension does not seem to drop. The FARDC and the Mai-Mai are still face-to-face with the M23/RDF rebels on certain hills.

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