Bill Gates has revealed the epidemic that is about to hit the Earth.

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Billionaire Bill Gates has been able to break through the waves of epidemics that are about to attack the world, he has revealed the epidemic that is going to attack the world in the future.

During a TED Talk in 2015, Gates warned that there are nine epidemics to hit the world. He did not confirm when it would happen but said that the world is not ready to be able to deal with the epidemic.

Bill Gates once again spoke about the new epidemic and returned to the “Bioterrorism” that may be about to attack the Earth.

Interpol defines Bioterrorism as “any act of intentionally spreading harmful organisms or poisons with the aim of harming or killing humans, animals or plants as a means of intimidating or coercing government agencies and the public to accept certain political or related issues.” and forced living.”

In a recent interview with the BBC, the British journalist Amol Rajan asked Bill Gates what he sees that people have not thought about and that may have a huge impact on humanity.

He replied that because “we started thinking about climate change, that epidemic is bioterrorism, and it’s scary.”

Bill Gates says that this epidemic is based on the threat of spreading harmful organisms and poisons in humans and animals.

Bill Gates has revealed the epidemic that is about to hit the Earth

He explained that Bioterrorism and all epidemics are the same because they endanger people and their lives.

This rich man said that this epidemic is the most difficult to avoid, and he said that it is very important that those who cause it knows how people can use it to avoid it, which makes them spread it in a well-prepared way.

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), when there is an outbreak, it can cause people and animals to become infected and symptoms can vary depending on where the insect lives.
we entered the body.

Examples include viruses that can pass through the skin, enter the respiratory tract, or enter the respiratory tract.

During a pandemic, people are forced to fend for themselves for days, taking care to stock up on basic necessities such as food, water, and access to light.

Bill Gates says that the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic found people unprepared, warning that more efforts should be invested in technology so that people will be able to detect if there are attacks related to ‘bioterrorism’.

He says he’s worried that the world isn’t as ready as he thinks it should be.

Bill Gates has revealed the epidemic that is about to hit the Earth
Bill Gates has revealed the epidemic that is about to hit the Earth

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