The United Nations has once again been accused of killing Congolese people: it has killed 11 people in six months

The United Nations has once again been accused of killing Congolese people: it has killed 11 people in six months
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The UN peacekeeping mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Monusco, once again caused bloodshed in the country, after just six months, it killed 11 civilians, including eight killed on Tuesday. February 7, 2023. The United Nations has once again been accused of killing Congolese people: it has killed 11 people in six months

These civilians were killed, said to be in protest, and others were shot at the border of RDC and Uganda for reasons that are not yet clear February 2023.

This massacre of unarmed civilians has been carried out for a long time by the UN Forces, which has caused them to be questioned again, especially since the mission that has been in the East of the Congo for more than 20 years has not produced any results.

Monusco consists of 17,000 soldiers, not including civilians, with a budget of $1.2 billion annually, making it the most expensive UN mission in the history of the United Nations.

The question is its production of nothing for more than 20 years but it continues to be seen in attacks on people where some are killed, and it is also said that it is still involved in the smuggling of precious stones so that some people see these forces as going to loot.

The announcement of the Military Governor of North Kivu Province, Lt Gen Constant Ndima, on Tuesday, says that when the MONUSCO soldiers were in their vehicles going to Goma, they were stopped by people who fled the fighting.

It is an action that took place on Tuesday, February 7, 2023, in Kanyaruchinya in Nyiragongo Territory, between the people who fled the war and MONUSCO vehicles.

“Around 18:00 in the area, MONUSCO vehicles from Rutshuru were stopped by refugees sheltering in Kanyarutchinya, who wanted to know what was in the vehicles,” the statement continued.

“In defiance of MONUSCO, the people blocked the road, preventing them from going to Goma. At the same time, the MONUSCO soldiers in charge of security opened fire, causing the death of eight of our people who fled, and 28 were injured. On the MONUSCO side, there were no deaths, except for three vehicles that were burned .”

In addition to the eight killed, two others on July 9, 2022, were shot at the border of Uganda and RDC, at Kasindi; at that time 18 were injured. The Monusco administration did not say the number of those killed, nor how they were killed except to say that the Army was on vacation.

A third civilian was killed on December 9, 2022, in the Kanyaruchinya Hill Area.

The question is how soldiers go on vacation with guns. The news at the scene, says that the soldiers who had left the mining business had crossed into Uganda, then entered the border carrying what they had and refused to be searched and ended up shooting the people.

Monusco is implicated in this murder after other frauds it has been working mainly to seek an extension of its mandate. In the past few days, he has done something similar to the Congolese government, accusing the M23 group of the massacre that took place in Kishishe, without any investigation.

It is also at the time and after some time this group is mentioned in other crimes including rape of women. Since 2011, Monusco has been accused of abducting women, especially minors.

In 2017, it was reported that there were many girls who were raped by Monusco soldiers, some of whom were impregnated, and at that time they were under the age of 18.

There are others who have been pregnant, and they have submitted their complaints to the UN, asking that the soldiers who carried out the pregnancy should accept the children as their own.

Among the UN troops deployed are those from South Africa, Senegal, Uruguay, and other countries. At that time, 18 girls filed complaints that they were raped.

There are voices that have started to rise and demand a deep investigation into the activities of Monusco in the Congo, based on its production over the years and on the activities of talking to the people, kidnapping, and trading of precious stones.

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