China’s ballons has the ability to blackmail the US government

China's ballons has the ability to blackmail the US government
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On Thursday, US lawmakers approved a letter condemning China for this attack.  China’s ballons have the ability to blackmail the US government

China denies that this spying operation is taking place.

It says that the balloon was thrown in the direction of the wind.

in fact, the United States claims to be one of the largest spy agencies currently operating on all five continents.

While 419 to 0 lawmakers are approving a letter condemning the use of the law on Thursday, they said that this declaration is “a clear violation of the sovereignty of the United States”.

Its presence in the US airspace caused a serious breakdown in the relationship between the two countries, prompting Secretary of State for Transport Antony Blinken to cancel his trip to China.

The U.S. military used warplanes to spray this bomb over the Atlantic Ocean for the past seven days.

On Thursday, China said that it is not aware of the satellites that are currently orbiting the Earth. Mao Ning, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, says that this information “may be part of the war of words launched by the United States against China”.

China also criticized US President Joe Biden after he said that China’s President Xi Jinping is facing “a lot of trouble”, in an interview with PBS.

Ning said: “Those words are rude and disrespectful to those who have principles in relationships”.

A US State Department official said Thursday that images show the 60-meter-tall ship was equipped with “solar panels” and multiple “discovery” devices. and the antennas could receive information and show the location of certain places.

He says that the United States is studying the issue of arresting government agencies that participated in the purchase of this product.

Scientists told the BBC that the US claims indicated the spacecraft was a spy.

It’s not clear exactly what kind of information China was trying to steal with the attack, according to the researchers, but it could have been information intercepted by radio, telephone, and other communications equipment at military-capable facilities. speculation, according to Matt Kroenig, director of the Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security.

And Gregory Falco, a professor at Johns Hopkins University, says that the solar panels of this spaceship are as wide as the moon – and the fact that it is able to rotate in the air of the United States in a relatively short distance – is a matter of concern.

China's ballons has the ability to blackmail the US government
China’s ballons has the ability to blackmail the US government

Dr. Fa said: “It has great technology that can send information. I don’t know exactly what information it was looking for, but it had all the technology to send information to satellites”.

The FBI says its lab is helping to study the remains of the spacecraft that have been collected.

Much of the balloon’s contents — which may have contained noisemakers and other items useful to investigators — are still in the water off the coast of South Carolina.

Officials say that studying these remains could take a long time, as bad weather could hamper operations.

On Thursday, military officials and public relations officials began briefing lawmakers and critics about the attack.

It comes at a time when opponents of President Joe Biden’s administration are criticizing him for his misconduct.

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