Rutsiro: More than 249 thousand do not know ‘internet’.

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The administration of Rutsiro District has announced that they are concerned about 249,658 residents (equivalent to 76.9% of the residents of the district) who say that they do not know the Internet and that they do not know what would help them in their daily work. Rutsiro: More than 249 thousand do not know the ‘internet’.

It is while in the government’s plan to accelerate development in 7 years, it is expected that by 2024, technology will contribute to 5% of the country’s gross domestic product.

Ntibankundiye Theophile, from the Bungina Branch of the Gihango Sector, told IGIHE that the internet knows him by name.

Rutsiro: More than 249 thousand do not know 'internet'.
Rutsiro: More than 249 thousand do not know ‘internet’.

“I hear it’s like a radio thing. As I am a builder, when I get a job and work from Monday to Sunday, I have no way of knowing the Internet, how would I be told?

Although there is information and courses on the internet that would help an architect gain knowledge and innovate in this construction profession, Ntibankundiye says that he does not need the internet because he does not know.

He said, “So you need something you don’t know? Let us go to school and learn it, then we will know it”.Rutsiro: More than 249 thousand do not know ‘internet’.

A farmer called Nkurunziza Védaste, he says that the internet feels like radio technology, so he doesn’t need it in his work.

He said, “Not knowing the internet is a loss because I didn’t learn it. What can be done is to teach it to us and learn it and go with others in development”.

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Irukundo Pacifique, the provider of Irembo services in Rutsiro District, says that apart from the fact that a large number of residents of the district do not know the Internet, there is also the problem that even those who have it on their phones do not know how to use it.

He said, “A person who comes from a faraway place and comes here to request a service to pay for health insurance, mutuelle de santé and has a telephone should do it without leaving home.”

The Mayor of Rutsiro Murekatete Triphose says that the number of people who do not know the Internet is large and it should not be.

He says that they would use the youth to explain to the people the technology and its importance in speeding up the service.

He said, “We started the month of good governance, where we continue to encourage the public to use technology services because they are available everywhere. Each region has been asked to identify places where there are no towers so that they can be installed, we have given it to the national agency that is responsible for it, but we also encourage those who have internet access phones to know how to use them because there are times when a person owns a phone but does not know what it can do for him.

According to the Ministry of Technology and Innovation, the report of the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for the first quarter of this year 2022, showed that the role of technology reached 2%.

The report shows that the overall level of services, including technology, has increased by 11%, and that technology alone has increased by 17%. This is why there is hope that this growth will increase the contribution of technology to GDP and will reach 5% in 2024.

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