President Tshisekedi was shouted down in front of Pope Francis

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A group of youth in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, shouted at President Félix Antoine Tshisekedi in front of Pope Francis, reminding him that his mandate has come to an end.

On this Thursday, more than 80,000 young people gathered in Stade des Martyrs in Kinshasa, in a mass read by Pope Francis who is on a visit to that country.

As the Pope was greeting the people who had gathered in the stadium, the youths came to the fore, and shouted at President Félix Antoine Tshisekedi in front of Pope Francis, reminding him that his mandate has come to an end. that his mandate is over. They used to say in Lingala, “Fatshi oyebele mandate esili.” in Kinyarwanda means “Fatshi! Be careful your term is over.”

When the song was heard on the national television station, RTNC, its technicians immediately removed the sound.

It is the largest number of votes as Tshisekedi’s five-year term expires at the end of this year, with general elections scheduled for December 20, 2023.

On the other hand, his administration continues to be criticized for many things he promised to the people during his campaign and he did not achieve them, and now his activists continue to confirm that he will campaign for a second term.

There are politicians these days who are pretending about the security problems in the eastern part of the DRC, and they say that the elections can be postponed. It is during the process of registration and collection of voter cards, but in some areas, this process is not possible due to security issues, or the technology used malfunctioning.

The RDC has often blamed Rwanda for its security problems, while the armed groups that cause problems are formed because the people still do not trust that the government can manage their security.

This expression of “oyebele mandate esili” was also used in 2016, when President Joseph Kabila postponed the elections, leading to another two years of his mandate.

At that time, he was shouted down by Lucha groups and opponents of Kabila’s regime, including Tshisekedi, who is in charge today.

Another one who was yelled at was Pastor Marcello Tunasi, who often showed that he did not support the Catholic Church.

Among his statements that continued to provoke many, including the one where he once said that “the Catholic Church is a waiting room for eternal fire.”

The young man was like a widower, in Lingala saying “Marcello watch the full stadium”, which is like saying “Marcello watch the full stadium.”

Pastor Marcello, who owns the church “La Compassion”, even after Pope Francis arrived in the RDC, continued to visit the church as well as the heads of state.

He said that the leaders who are going to receive the Pope are not true Christians because “a true Christian does not steal from the public treasury.”

In response, some came to tell him that “a real pastor does not receive gifts from the stolen treasury,” because some of these leaders give him offerings.

Pope Francis on Thursday gathered Christians in Stade des martyrs in Kinshasa
There was a lot of youth in the stadium in Kinshasa



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