Prosecutors dropped new charges against R. Kelly.

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A Chicago District Court prosecutor has dismissed new sexual assault charges against incarcerated singer R. Kelly.

The prosecutor Kim Foxx said that he dropped these charges after the decisions from two courts in New York and Illinois in Chicago, which confirmed that the artist was imprisoned for 30 years.

This prosecutor announced that the reason why R. Kelly was charged with these charges is that the Court found that the artist deserves a prison sentence of 30 years and found that there was no other punishment.

He announced this one day of the hearing related to the charges accusing the artist of sexually assaulting four people, three of whom were minors.

 Musician R. Kelly, center, leaves the Daley Center after a hearing in his child support case on May 8, 2019, in Chicago.
Musician R. Kelly, center, leaves the Daley Center after a hearing in his child support case on May 8, 2019, in Chicago.

He said he will ask the judge not to hear the case on Tuesday.

Some of those who testified in this case, say that they received justice for the punishment given to this artist and believe in the judgment of Kim Fox who was assigned to this case.

In 2019, R. Kelly was indicted by courts in Chicago and New York and convicted of crimes that include showing pornographic images to children, trafficking girls, and other crimes related to sexual violence.

R. Kelly charges to be dropped due to length of federal sentences
R. Kelly’s charges are to be dropped due to the length of federal sentences

Foxx announced the Cook County charges months before the federal cases in New York and Chicago. Foxx’s office alleged he repeatedly sought out girls for sex, including one he encountered at her 16th birthday party and another who met Kelly while he was on trial in 2008.

Federal prosecutors in New York told jurors at his 2021 trial that Kelly used his entourage of managers and aides to meet girls and keep them obedient, an operation that prosecutors said amounted to a criminal enterprise.

Last year, prosecutors at Kelly’s federal trial in Chicago portrayed him as a master manipulator who used his fame and wealth to reel in star-struck fans, some of them minors, to sexually abuse and then discard them. Four accusers testified.

Robert Sylvester Kelly was recently sentenced to 30 years in prison in a New York case and is awaiting sentencing on February 23, 2023, in Chicago federal court. Meanwhile, prosecutors in Hennepin, Minnesota, have not announced whether they will pursue charges against R. Kelly.

According to the prison sentence handed down by a New York court, the 56-year-old artist will be released from prison at the age of 80.

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