Here are some obvious signs that you may be infected with AIDS without going to the doctor

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The AIDS epidemic in this century is one of the attacks on human beings that is caused by the increase in the prevalence of unprotected sex among unmarried couples and the burning of the back.

Researchers believe that there are signs that can show that a person who has had unprotected sex may have been infected with the virus that causes AIDS, although it is generally known that this virus is not visible to the eyes.

The website, with our help, says that when the virus that causes AIDS has been in the human body for at least one or two months, 40% to 90% of people may experience symptoms known as ARS (Acute RETROVIRAL syndrome).

Also, research shows that AIDS can stay in the body for a long time without showing any symptoms so the infected person can live for ten years without even getting a cold.

Some of the symptoms that you may have before you get tested for HIV include:

1. Menstrual cycle (for women)

A woman’s menstrual cycle is usually caused by many different factors, but this is a symptom given by these experts. A woman/girl who likes to have unprotected sex, after her menstrual cycle, should get tested for HIV.

When this virus enters a woman’s body, it causes some men to have fewer and more frequent periods, compared to the past.

2. Shaking Fire

One of the symptoms of ARS is high fever. If you have a constant fever above 38.88 degrees Celsius and are followed by a feeling of weakness, and you know that you may have been exposed to one of the ways that this animal spreads, go to the doctor and see if you are not infected.

Now that the virus is entering the blood, it begins to divide into many different parts, according to Carlos Malvestutto, who is in charge of the Department of Medicine at New York University.

3. Loss of memory and memorization

A person infected with this virus gradually loses the ability to memorize and remember. If you already know how to memorize, and your memory is normal but it is still difficult for you, and you know that you have met one of the ways of this animal, go and check yourself and see how your life is. You find out that you are infected with the virus that causes AIDS.

Chronic fatigue
Chronic fatigue

4. Chronic fatigue

When the virus that causes AIDS enters the body, the body begins to use extraordinary energy to fight against the enemy that entered it, so it is necessary to weaken due to the fact that in the body the war kills things, and this starts to tire your body and make you feel weak. If you’ve had unprotected sex, or you’ve been in a place where you’ve been exposed to this virus and you’re feeling tired all the time, go see a doctor and see how you’re doing.Chronic kidney disease and HIV | aidsmap


5. Night sweats

As confirmed by Dr. Malvestutto, the insect once it reaches the body, starts to work hard and use your body in an unusual way so that you sleep and sweat all night. Your room is usually dusty and dark, and you are not usually characterized by sweating a lot at night, but if you are left sweating and your bed or clothes are wet, start to be suspicious, you may be infected if you know that you have had contact with this insect-like have unprotected sex.

6. Have mobility

Waking up with white spots in your mouth and on your tongue, which you don’t want to remove, is a sign that your immune system has begun to decline. We all have pathogenic bacteria in our mouths, but our immune system keeps us from getting sick. When it is reduced a little, like when you are infected with the virus that causes AIDS when you suddenly get sick. For AIDS patients, mobility is often available when you have less than 200 soldiers.

7. Unexplained body parts

Although it’s not just about AIDS, the infection often comes with small bumps that are swollen and red, so they often turn out to be one big one due to contact. Although we say that other diseases that cause AIDS often affect the upper part (limb) and are often accompanied by ulcers in the mouth and genitals. These are accompanied by flu-like symptoms and occur between a week and two after infection and take about the same amount of time to heal on their own.

8. Lose weight quickly

Although this is not common in people who are already infected, new HIV infections can cause rapid weight loss. If you don’t lose 10% of your weight (you were maybe 60 and lost 6) in a month and you have diarrhea you may have an infection.


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