What research says about the difference between men’s and women’s tears.

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Research shows that females may cry between 30 and 64 times a year, while males may cry between 5 and 17 times during the same period.

It was announced by the website of the American Psychological Association that this study was conducted on 7,000 people from 37 countries.

Only this research has been giving different results depending on the culture of the countries, because there are countries that do not accept the culture of expressing emotions by crying, especially for men because it is considered to show weakness.

This showed that children in England, Canada, and Italy cried a lot, while children in Denmark, Germany, and Japan cried the least.

What most victims have in common, is that the wider society does not facilitate men’s ability to express their emotions through crying.

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This didn’t come as a surprise to Canadian psychologist and dating counselor Chantal Heide.

Regarding what women think of men who cry, another survey of 1,500 people published in Global News, found that 95% of women said they like men who let loose and express their emotions through crying.

It is at a time when it shows that 29% of men when they want to cry, feel that only their wives know that no one else knows that they cried.

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One in six men believes that women don’t like to see a man cry, while many men are bothered by seeing women cry.

This is because in their thoughts they feel it is their duty to protect women, especially their own, so when they see a woman crying they feel they have failed in fulfilling these duties.

This study shows that the most common reason why men and women cry is sadness, at an average of 58% for men and 60% for women.

It is while men are happy with 11%, while women are 10%.

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