M23 has confirmed that it has left Kibumba, and is going to hand over the Rumangabo military base.

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The M23 group has confirmed that it has left its base in the Kibumba area and that it is ready to hand over the Rumangabo Military Center to the East African Community Forces (EACRF) on January 5, 2023.

These are the decisions the group says it agreed to implement in compliance with the decisions of the regional heads of state meeting held in Luanda, Angola last year, which asked M23 to stop fighting and leave the positions it had already taken.

However, various newspapers came to announce that based on the information provided by the people, the M23 soldiers did not leave Kibumba.

In a statement issued by the Political Spokesperson of M23, Lawrence Kanyuka, the group confirmed that it left Kibumba.

It says “Contrary to what is being said in the media, the M23 chapter confirms that it has left its base in Kibumba as of December 23, 2022.”

“M23 remains committed to implementing the conclusions of the Luanda Council and supports regional initiatives aimed at bringing peace to the DRC. M23 will hand over the EACRF in full to the Rumangabo Military Center on January 5, 2023.”

On the other hand, M23 condemned the attacks, saying that they continue to be distributed by the Government and the groups they continue to cooperate with, on their different bases.

He confirmed that while it continues, it will defend itself and protect civilians in the areas it controls.

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