The year 2022 left Rwanda to gain a Park in the center of the city

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For the first time in more than a hundred years that the city of Kigali has been in existence, 2022 will always be remembered as the first to leave this city and see the first park that is Nyandungu, which was developed in order to protect the environment. The year 2022 left Rwanda to gain a Park in the center of the city

Nyandungu Park has been a dream come true for many years since Kigali was made the Capital of Rwanda.

One can’t imagine how the city center could be filled with a park that integrates the various ecosystems and preserves the environment in every way possible in relation to the large number of people who walk through it.

For those who have the opportunity to go there, it is a park that meets all the requirements of the landscape, because the energy used in it comes from solar radiation. When you arrive, you will be greeted by the fresh air and the sounds of different species of birds.

Before the Nyandungu swamp was not developed, it was used for agriculture, and animal husbandry, and some people used it as a motor to break the garbage, causing it to deteriorate.

For someone as recent as 2018, this is a surprise. Where there was no travel, there were no animals like birds and others, it has now been converted into Nyandungu Conservation Tourism Park.

It is located in Ndera Sector in Gasabo and Nyargunga Districts in Kicukiro, between La Palisse Hotel road and Ndera 15, on an area of ​​121 hectares.

It is a project that has been praised by those who are fighting for the preservation of the ecosystem so the administration of the City of Kigali recently announced that five more swamps are going to be cleaned.

This project is one of the most important that has been evaluated in Kigali in order to see how the swamps can be produced and transformed into natural places where people can relax after leaving the forest.

This is an example that shows that Rwanda’s goal of strengthening development based on environmental protection will be achieved without any obstacles.

In addition to the Nyandungu National Park, 2022 was the year to take concrete steps to protect Rwanda’s environment through projects and signed agreements.

Among them is the meeting of the United Nations held in Nairobi, Kenya, which was aimed at studying the protection of the environment where it approved the project of Rwanda and Peru to coordinate the agreement to cut air pollution caused by the use of plastic products.

The Sustainable Energy for All Forum, which was held in Rwanda on May 17-19, 2022, showed a strong desire to reduce the inequality in the use of energy for the people of the world.

In various meetings held in Rwanda, the topic that talked about the preservation of the environment was not missed because its destruction causes consequences that are difficult to prevent.

As the Heads of State and Government (CHOGM2022) held in Rwanda, it was concluded that the countries that are members of the Community of Nations that use the English language, CommonWealth would cooperate in achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement aimed at combating climate change.

This year, 36 million trees were planted in different parts of the country, the trees were dominated by traditional trees and perennials that help to fight erosion and protect biodiversity.

The Ireme Invest fund was launched in Sharm el Sheikh in Egypt during the international conference on climate change, COP27, which is another step taken to achieve environmentally friendly development.

It is a fund launched by President Paul Kagame starting with $104 million, i.e. over 109 billion Frw, which will support private projects aimed at helping Rwanda build an environmentally friendly economy.

The year 2022 has been the year of looking ahead and using different skills to create technology projects that can be used to protect the environment and combat climate change in a simple way.

In the awards given, President Kagame was accused of the country’s commitment to combating climate change in accordance with the provisions of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, NDC, and others.

The year 2022 left Rwanda to gain a Park in the center of the city
The year 2022 left Rwanda to gain a Park in the center of the city

Nyandungu Park has come as a solution for both the ecosystem and the people who want to relax.
The conference on dealing with climate change was a good opportunity for Rwanda to show that it is a good country to invest in projects that protect the ecosystem.

The Nyandungu site is one of the solutions that have shown that restoring wetlands to a natural landscape is possible.
They planted bamboo imported from China
The Nyandungu area is made up of different sections and includes roads that help cyclists straighten their muscles.


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