What are the signs of true love?

What are the signs of true love?
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The way in which the lovers reconcile in the way they handle their love is what makes them live together without compromise because there are many lovers who break up immediately due to different feelings.  What are the signs of true love?

Although it’s not often overlooked, there are relationship experts who agree that it’s very important and helpful to know what your partner considers loving and being loved and how they receive both.

In the author’s book, Gary Chapman called the process of understanding love (Les 5 langages de l’amour), he explained the five ways in which love is spoken and understood, and it is better for lovers to understand each other in a way that pleases them and does not go too far in that way.

1. Being Gifted

Author Gary Chapman says that there are people who feel loved when they receive a gift, big or small, and treat it as a sign that they are loved.

For that person, no matter what you say or do many other things, there is no gift for those who treat them as if you don’t like them.

2. Spend time with your partner

Some people feel loved only when they spend time with their loved ones. Those who you can give them a gift do not think that it is related to the love you love them because for them being loved is equal to giving them time and being close to them even if you are not talking to them because that makes them happy and they feel loved a lot.

3. Being told good words

This book by this author shows that there are others who feel loved when you speak well to them or say nice words to them. At that time they are happy, laughing, some even cry (you can say to him that I love how organized you are, and he will laugh and say “Oh, it’s true, you know you love me, it’s true, I’m happy…”).

Whether he needs to be given a gift or to see his lover around, there is nothing else he needs more in love than to always tell him love and say nice words to build him up whether you are with him or not.

4. To be subjected to something

Gary Chapman explained that the fourth way to feel that someone is loved is to do something like cooking for them, washing them, carrying their bags, washing their hands, starving them, picking them up, throwing them a pass, etc. You see those people who say “You know someone likes me!” He has done this and that for me, it is true that he loves me…”

5. Collaboration

Gary Chapman explained that the fifth way a person feels loved is by being touched. You will find people talking holding hands, or touching the other’s hair, complimenting him on his nails, and so on. At that time, a person feels that he is loved if he is asked to do everything else for him without giving him much value.

Author Gary Chapman adds that it’s rare that you’ll find a guy and a girl in love who feel the same way about being loved, one might call it to love being given a gift and the other feeling loved just by being told nice words.

Gary advises that it is good to study your partner and find out what it means to be loved so that love can be sweeter for both of you. You may part ways thinking that you have done nothing and yet you have not achieved what he calls love.

He says that in order to find out what your partner considers to be loved, you should try all the mentioned methods and then see what makes your partner happy more than anything else and that is what you focus on the most.

However, the fact that someone would feel loved in the same way does not mean that you do not do other things for him, but you focus on what he feels most, for example, your lover may feel that he is loved if he is given a gift, that does not mean that you should not deprive him of the time to talk, to be told nice words, etc. they all complement each other.

The opinions of many of those who try dating confirm that love has cooled and does not exist anymore because it is based on profit, so there are those who do these signs of love for financial gain or other wealth, all of which require discretion.

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