Questions a guy can ask a girl to make her want to have sex right away

Questions a guy can ask a girl to make her want to have sex right away
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There are many tricks used by men or boys who are able to control the thoughts of their lovers by asking questions that contain traps and tricks that a girl or a woman does not understand and ends up wanting them to have sex in a way that she does not even know about. Questions a guy can ask a girl to make her want to have sex right away

Psychologists say that some of the questions that can be asked by a male are like poison in the mind of a female person.

Have you ever decided to kiss a guy for your will?

Many men think that they are the ones who have the ability to propose to women, but women/girls themselves do it. So this problem makes the girl start wanting to do such things.

If you were given the chance to see a man naked for the first time, where would you want to look?

This question comes as a joke but if the girl refuses to answer it, the guy can ask her to use hand signals and do the place of her choice.

– Where is the secret place where you can make a boy want things?

This question makes the girl turn away and ask you more questions about your sexual thoughts. This makes him want to go a little further.

– What do you wear to bed?

This problem makes a girl think about how she is dressed and often she immediately thinks about the clothes that attract the most boys that she likes to wear when going to bed.

– What clothes do you wear more than any other?

A girl who is asked this question begins to imagine that a guy is proud of the fact that a girl wears clothes that attract him.

– Have you ever seen (accidentally or on purpose) naked lovers?

This problem makes the girl even more drawn to the face that she and her boyfriend have when they are dressed like that.

Where on your body do you want to meet a boy more than anywhere else?
The girl answers this question by saying that while you are in bed, the guy will know how to make her happy. It allows the girl to imagine what the action will be like.

Can a text message (sms) change your thinking?

At this point, the girl starts to wonder what kind of sms she receives, and often women and girls like text messages. Guys, you’re going to look in your boyfriend’s phone and you’re going to tell me what you find.

Do you find oral s3x interesting?

Here the guy doesn’t care about the answer he gets but what he wants is to get the girl thinking about what can be done while they are sleeping.

– Do you want me to kiss you?

It is very likely that after this question the girl would immediately kiss the guy.

Do I have hair now too? Or…?
A girl starts looking for a guy with or without hair. This also tends to go hand in hand with the guy touching the girl’s hair.

What can I do to get in the mood?

The flow of water has now reached far. Here the girl already wants it!

Did what we discussed to make you want to have sex?

If the girl hasn’t changed much, this is the best time for the guy to start working on different parts of the girl’s body.

Shall we kiss?

So can I touch you without a problem?

Then you also feel that the work is close.

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