Here are 10 signs that a girl has feelings for you

Here are 10 signs that a girl has feelings for you
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Although not all, there are guys who do not know how to know if a girl likes them or has feelings for them. Not being able to tell if a girl has feelings for you would be a reason to be afraid and not take the step as a guy to ask for love. Here are 10 signs that a girl has feelings for you

In an effort to help guys with this problem, we’re using This site offers many signs that would show a guy that a girl is into him and has feelings for him.

1. Always listen to:

As it happens between people who love each other, a girl who loves you and feels for you always feel that you always talk to each other.

2. To show you to his friends

This is also a sign of an emotional girl. Even if you haven’t told him you love him yet, he likes to show you off to his friends. You will be surprised to find that there are people who know you and you are meeting for the first time, do you know why? That’s why they always tell you and even scold you.

3. When you have a conversation, be present

If a girl likes to value the conversation you have and finds it interesting, we can also consider it as a sign that you are attracted to her.

4. Wherever he feels like you are with him

This makes them always in demand to take you to parties, festivals, weddings, and other occasions. The reason for this is so that you can become more special friends, your relationship will result in real love.

5. When you open up to other girls I don’t like it

The fact that there are other girls you are having a good time with makes him lose his peace and you can see that it bothers him. Even though you never told him that you love him, he still considers you as his love even if he didn’t tell you. You are biased towards others as if you have passed it on to others

6. Looks

A girl who likes you and feels for you looks at you and tells me something. You can’t tell the difference between the evil eye and the good eye.

7. Love talks

Often when you talk, he tries his best to talk about love. If he likes to ask you if you have a girlfriend, it’s because he wants you to have something to say.

You will often hear that he likes to ask you what the girl you like or would like to look like and the qualities that should characterize her. This will help him understand if there are any habits that you don’t like that are preventing him from dating you.

8. Birthday

A girl with feelings knows a lot about you until your birthday or other important days in your life. If you celebrate the date of your birth, and he prepares a gift for you and it matches your preferences, then he loves you.

9. He is your biggest fan

Everything you do is appreciated and shown to you. He does his best to show you that he is different from others.

10. Do activities that appeal to you

In wanting you to look at her, the girl tries to do her best to make you look at her. This goes with wearing attractive clothes, a calm voice, a nice smile,…

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