Here are 15 overlooked signs that you may have cancer

Here are 15 overlooked signs that you may have cancer
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There are signs that are underestimated by many, which may indicate that you may have cancer, but if you pay attention to it, you can get treatment and diagnose it, so the chances of being cured are high. Here are 15 overlooked signs that you may have cancer

Cancer is one of the most deadly diseases. If you treat it early, you have a better chance of getting it, but unfortunately, many people decide to get tested and it ends up spreading to other areas.

That’s why we immediately told you about 15 symptoms of cancer that will alert you, to suspect that you may have this disease, so you can make a quick decision to diagnose it early so that the chances of getting it are high.

Here are the warning signs of cancer that many ignore

There are about 15 signs of cancer that are ignored or underestimated by many and are still signs that you may have cancer.

1. Abnormal skin changes

If you see any unusual changes on the skin, whether its swelling, discoloration, or other unusual changes, you should ask yourself why it’s happening.

Due to climate change and air pollution, it is possible that skin cancer can affect many people, so it is better to explain to the doctor any unusual changes you see on the skin.

2. Chronic cough

If you don’t smoke, and you always cough, it is very likely that you have lung cancer, and if you cough up blood, it could be something else.

if you have this cough it is better to go to the doctor, they will look at the main reason, you always have a chronic cough.

3. Breast changes

It is not always that changes in the breast indicate cancer, but if you feel a lump in the breast like a stone, you should think about it and get checked by a specialist.

Breast cancer starts as a small tumor, and it grows, so get yourself checked when you feel any unusual changes.

4. Stomach bloating

When you feel a lot of bloating in your stomach, and then you lose weight inexplicably, you should ask yourself why.

basically, this can be a sign that you may have prostate cancer, so it is better to get yourself checked.

5. Painful urination, or frequent urination that is scanty and difficult

Urination problems, such as urinating without knowing it, urinating is small and without effort. frequent urination can be a sign of prostate cancer, it is better that if you have these problems, you should go to the doctor for a diagnosis.

6. Swelling of lymph nodes

some cancers such as lymphoma and blood cancer (leukemia) can show this symptom, but even when you have an infection in the body you can swell the lymphnodes if it is constant it is better to think about cancer.

7. Bloodletting

Bleeding can be a sign of hemorrhoids but the biggest sign of pelvic cancer, if you see blood in your stool you should get it checked out and find out the cause.

8. Inflammatory bowel disease

For men, swelling or lumps on the penis can be a sign of prostate cancer.

It is good that for every change you see on this part of the body, you examine the reason for it, even if the swelling is not always cancer, but sometimes it can be caused by cancer.

9. Difficulty swallowing

There are many reasons that can cause swallowing pain, but if it has been a long time, swallowing pain can indicate that you may have throat cancer. It is good that if you have been having this problem for many days, you should check yourself.

10. Bleeding from the genitals and not during periods

For women, how bleeding in the genitals and not having periods can be a sign that you have cancer, it can be uterine cancer, cervical cancer, and others…

if you have this problem, it is better that you check yourself and see what is causing it, because it is very likely that it is cancer.

11. Having ulcers and bad breath

Especially people who smoke. Oral ulcers that persist for a long time may be a sign of oral cancer.

if you have this problem, it is better to get yourself checked and see the real reason that causes all of this so that you can get the right treatment early.

12. Unexplained weight loss

How to lose up to 10 pounds in a short period of time for no reason. It may be a sign that you have cancer, especially throat cancer, colon cancer, colon cancer, etc.

In any case, if you haven’t changed your diet or there are no special things that cause you to lose weight, you should think about why you are losing weight in a short period of time.

13. fever

It is normal for a person to have a fever when they are sick, but after a while after recovery, the fever goes away, so if your fever does not go away, it may indicate that you have blood cancer, it is better to check yourself and find out the cause.

14. Always Angry

As for people with stomach problems, they may have heartburn, but in the chronic period and after taking medicine, it is better to check yourself, because mostly this can be caused by cancer of the stomach.

15. Constant fatigue

Constant fatigue can also be a sign of blood cancer, but there are other cancers that can cause anemia, which can also cause fatigue, such as stomach cancer, colon cancer

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