Advice on what not to eat in the evening

Advice on what not to eat in the evening
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It is possible that you also hear or tell stories that when a person eats food during the day, it makes them lazy and sleepy due to the fact that you woke up in the afternoon and it happens to you or you find it in common with other people. Advice on what not to eat in the evening

Based on research, there are other foods that you can eat before bed that can have different effects on you including insomnia in general, it is said that eating at night time may not be good for you for various reasons.

Some of the side effects of eating in the hours when a person may be sleeping include the fact that digestion of food is not done properly while a person is sleeping and it can also cause a person to feel stomach ache.

There are foods that you should avoid in particular, especially before bedtime in order to avoid problems including lack of sleep, restlessness, and obesity.


It is not good that before going to bed, a person eats things rich in sugar such as cookies, candies, chocolates, and the like. Most people are aware of the effects this can have on them, especially obesity which leads to high blood pressure, diabetes, and others. Such foods are harmful to the teeth, and one should keep in mind that eating them is a bad habit.

Industrially processed meats

Many people agree that when it’s time for dinner, they tend to eat processed meat and other foods that are said to have been prepared with a lot of salt and industrial additives that affect health.

In addition, a study by the French Food and Drug Administration (ANSES) has recently shown that industrially processed meat can cause cancer or obesity when eaten before bed.

Advice on what not to eat in the evening
Advice on what not to eat in the evening

Fries are known to be high in fat, which can lead to obesity or heart disease.

Many types of fries are known to be heavy and heavy so eating them before bed can upset the stomach and cause indigestion and poor sleep.

Fruits are rich in Vitamin C

Vitamin C is known to be beneficial to humans because it increases immunity and iron in the body. Although these fruits rich in this vitamin are good, on the other hand, they are considered to contain a lot of sugar and water so they can attract the person who eats to go to the bathroom more often and interfere with his sleep.

These fruits that people are advised not to eat before bed include mangoes, papayas, oranges, watermelons, and other red fruits.

Advice on what not to eat in the evening
Advice on what not to eat in the evening

Due to the high-fat content of cheese, it is recommended not to eat it before going to bed because it slows digestion and can lead to constipation, obesity, and toothache.

People are advised to practice brushing their teeth before going to bed, to practice eating dinner early, and to practice drinking water because a person can think that he is hungry and thirsty and those who are able to do so are advised to skip dinner.

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