The special feature of Diamond’s journey is that he will arrive in Kigali in his private plane.

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Diamond Platinumz, who is waiting in Kigali in his private plane [Private Jet], has been prepared for various activities that he will do when he arrives in the Thousand Mountains before he will perform for his fans. The special feature of Diamond’s journey is that he will arrive in Kigali in his private plane.

Although the artist’s invitees did not reveal the news of his trip to Kigali, IGIHE learned that he will arrive on the morning of December 22, 2022, in the private plane that he recently purchased in August 2022.

The hours this plane will arrive at the Kigali International Airport in Kanombe have not been announced, however, there are reports that it has been prepared to fly around the city of Kigali to show off to the fans.

One of the organizers of the concert said that when the artist arrives in Kigali, he will be toured in different parts of the city, introducing himself to the fans and greeting them.

It is also expected that the artist will also visit the Skol Factory in Nzove where he will also be able to visit the Rayon Sports Team. Tonight, Diamond was treated to a night of socializing with his fans before his concert.

The event to socialize with this artist who is one of the greatest in the East African Region is expected at the Romantic Garden on the Hill.

It is an event that will be played by the most important DJs in Rwanda, including DJ Phil Peter, DJ Sonia, and DJ Pyfo while Jay Pac, a Rwandan artist living in the United States of America, will be the guest of honor this evening.

Entry to this Diamond social event is 10,000 Frw per person while a table of eight people is 200,000 Frw.

On December 23, 2022, Diamond will perform in Kigali at the BK Arena where he will meet with various artists. Tickets for the “One People Concert” are currently on sale.

It was in August 2022 that Diamond revealed that he had bought his own private jet.
Diamond is expected to arrive in Kigali with a group of his people in his private plane
Before the concert, Diamond will interact with his fans


The Diamond show was sponsored by Skol Rwanda.

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