Why in life we ​​need second chances.

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One of the most difficult things is to forgive so that life can go on, and you know for sure that you want to stay together, he betrayed you and hurt your heart. Why in life we ​​need second chances.

It is difficult to forgive someone who betrayed you, there is no hope that what he did will not come back but it is also the best way to live a good life without regrets, being hurt by the past, and forgetting about the future or always beating the finger and thinking about revenge.

Everyone has their own unique way of dealing with conflict and the severity and magnitude of what we have experienced changes our ability to forgive and give another chance because it requires taking responsibility, growth, and reflection on both sides which is why it is considered difficult.

Although it is difficult, it is important because it not only helps the cheater but also helps both of you. Here’s why it’s good to forgive and give yourself a second chance:

Everyone is hurting

It is understandable when someone hurts you to make decisions based on your hurt feelings, but trying to understand why your partner did what you are not happy with would also help you to take the step of forgiving him because no one is wrong.

Life is short

If what happened causes you pain and regret and you feel it was not meant to be, why would giving forgiveness and other opportunities break you down and find peace in doing so?

Also, no one knows what tomorrow is like, that’s why you should be the first to offer forgiveness even if the betrayer doesn’t ask for it.

We all need forgiveness

Think about when you yourself sought a second chance from those you betrayed, and they didn’t give it to you. How would you feel?

A second chance is another chance to be better and see a child-free future. If you want others to see this kind of growth in you, make sure you do the same for others.

You deserve the peace of mind

By denying someone a second chance, you deny the peace that comes with forgiveness. Giving forgiveness and other opportunities relieves you of the burden of feeling restless and constantly second-guessing yourself.

Psychologists point out that giving a second chance and forgiving is good, but only if it is done before knowing why the person deserves to be forgiven.

Experts say that you should be careful when you are going to give forgiveness because there are times when the person you are going to forgive does not have the same mindset as you, the opportunity is wasted or he uses it against you and speaks to you as if forgiving him was a mistake.

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