Trouble in the Anglican Church because of LGBTQ

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The idea of ​​giving space to homosexuals and those who do not feel comfortable with their gender, LGBTQ, has raised a negative mood among members of the Anglican Church, where those who do not believe it is strengthening the power of the devil. Trouble in the Anglican Church because of LGBTQ

It is a situation that continues to get worse so that the side of non-believers says that if the Church confirms that they are given a place or are allowed to participate in it, they will choose to separate from it.

Giving children to LGBTQ people has been practiced in this church for many years, but now it has taken another step, where those from the Asian and African regions are not practiced.

It made the leadership of the Church in the world disappear instead of being so biased that those who do not understand the same thing are all its believers.

The General Leader of the Anglican Church in the World, Justin Welby, asked believers to unite and ask that homosexuals be tolerated because they are not against the gospel.

This division intensified after the General Council held in Lambeth, England, a meeting that takes place once every 10 years and unites those in the 165 countries where the Church works.

It was the first time homosexuals were invited to the meeting, a controversial topic among members of the church because it brought a bad atmosphere that could even lead to division.

Religion News wrote that it is related to the fact that this meeting was attended by members of the Church in various countries including Rwanda, Nigeria, and Uganda who did not participate in complying with the decisions made in 1998.

It is a decision that does not allow same-sex marriage.

So far, the information says that those on the side who do not agree with the fact that LGBTQ people are promised to the Anglican Church and have other jobs given to them in this Church, plan to meet in a meeting in Kigali in April next year to see together what can be done.

In Nigeria, the leaders of this Church say that if it is confirmed that homosexuals should be engaged in this Church, they will immediately separate from it completely.

They depend on the fact that this Church at the level of the World recently had Rev. David Monteith, rector of Canterbury Cathedral, the Anglican cathedral, and ex-LGBTQ since 2008, said it was inappropriate.

Williams Aladekugbe, the head of the Northern Diocese of Ibadan in Nigeria, told the Associated Press that gay families are ungodly and evil, “bringing them into the Church will make us no longer worship them.”

He said, “If they do not praise God as we do, if they do not believe in the God we believe in, let us separate and go on our way.”

The Anglican Church has not yet made a public commitment to homosexuality.

Only some of the branches of this Church in different countries such as Brazil, Canada, New Zealand, Scotland, the United States of America, and Wales have already approved the policy of accepting them and giving them jobs in the Church.

The Anglican Communion of the Global South, GFSA is also among those who do not support LGBTQ being given a place in the Church.

Its leader, Justin Badi from South Sudan, says that “the Church has been following the ideas of those in the Western world for a long time.”

He goes on to say that their views are not heard and that they should be treated as disrespectful and that they should do something about it.

While those who do not believe that homosexuals are allowed in the Church expected Welby to go to their side, in the Lambeth Council it was the opposite of what they thought because this leader said that they also believe in God, oh they are not heretics.

He said, “They do not deny Jesus. They don’t ignore the gospel but they have a different approach to sex than others do.”

The Anglicans in Rwanda are not doing it either

Apart from those in Nigeria and those in GSFA who have not stopped showing that LGBTQ people do not deserve to be given jobs in the Church, Alexis Bilindabagabo from the Diocese of Gahini in the Anglican Church of Rwanda also disagrees with the decision to give space to people of the same sex.

He said, “Because the weak cannot stand on their own, a fool can be led but he must not lead others.”

Despite this, gay rights activists say that the leaders of the Anglican Churches in Africa are following the old traditions in order to avoid practicing homosexuality, which they consider to be old-fashioned.

Mugisha Frank, a representative of homosexuality, said that “in Uganda, the Anglican leaders are a good example of the delusion that makes it easier for LGBTQ people.”

Mugisha says that the reason these leaders do not facilitate is that they may lose the number of believers, especially because most do not understand these people well.

On the other hand, South Africa is one of the few countries in Africa that has enacted laws to protect homosexuals, especially because the Anglican Church in this country often fought for their rights through Archbishop Desmond Tutu who led this church.

In the meeting that will be held in Rwanda, it will be discussed together why the leadership of the Anglican Church does not put effort into protecting the word of God by not giving time to the cowards.

It is a meeting that will be led by those in the World Anglican Conference known as Gafcon, which will include bishops from Nigeria, Rwanda, Uganda, and others.

No one from the Anglican headquarters in England will attend this Conference.

It is a meeting that will be preceded by another one that will be held in February, where the Anglican leadership will study how same-sex children are given space, and it is planned that for the first time they can be promised.


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