The important things that those who are going to get married should discuss first.

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A young man and a young woman met, connected, fell in love, and decided to start a family project. The Mail Online magazine, with the help of the website Sex therapist, revealed seven important things that couples should discuss before living together as a man and a woman. The important things that those who are going to get married should discuss first.

Young life

When you talk to the one you are going to live with, it makes him understand how you grew up and he gets to know you better.

Discussing the issues of those who are about to get married helps them get to know each other better and be able to understand each other because everyone understands the other’s feelings and their origins.

A history of what they have been through in the past loves

Many people don’t like to talk to their ex-partners about their past, but it’s good to talk about it because there are lessons to be learned from it and it helps them to know how their family will live with those who are apart.

Discuss what they like to see in love

You find that there are people who love each other and even live together, but each of them does not know what the other is happy about. It’s good to take time and talk about what each of us is doing in love. Everyone has what they enjoy in giving or receiving in love, some like to receive gifts and others like to talk; when you talk it helps to build your love because you are doing what makes your partner happy.

Discuss the methods each uses to solve problems

Lovers should know that in love things are not always good and there are times when they may have conflicts. It’s good if they talk about how everyone can get out of trouble because it helps them when they get into trouble and can get out of it easily.

About sex

Those who are in love and planning to have children should talk about sex, each telling the other what he likes and dislikes because this is an important activity in the relationship of those who are going to have children.

Everyone’s dream is the future

Often people who are going to have children or have met and grown up together each has projects that they have done and what they dream of doing, it is very good that you sit down and discuss them because you are going to live together and know what is needed and what will be useful for your home.

Use of money and household resources

People spend money in different ways; some people like to save it and others like to spend it, when you are going to live with someone it is very good to discuss and agree on how the money you earn should be used

Conflict resolution.

Arguments are inevitable. Knowing how each person resolves conflicts can prevent a new marriage from quickly being threatened. While dating, each person may strive to demonstrate the best behavior. While the actual observance of behavior under stress may provide the best answer, couples should discuss how they cope with anxious situations. Do you become physical or withdraw? Are you quick to anger and express rage to release tension? Discuss how you, as a couple, see yourselves resolving small issues such as differences in preferred home d├ęcor or leaving clothes scattered on the floor as well as how you might handle a truly stressful situation.



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