Girls pass higher secondary school exams than boys

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The Ministry of Education has announced the results of high school graduates, where those who studied general science passed at a rate of 94.6% in technical subjects and 97.8%, and in education, it was 99.9%. Girls pass higher secondary school exams than boys

This year, 46,125 candidates took the state exams in general education, 19,916 in TVET, and 2,891 in TTC.

There were 10,481 independent candidates in general education, 1424 in TVET, and 16 in TTC.

Over 2000 people who failed the exams in general education made up 5%, in technical schools it was 2%, and in education, it was 0.1%.

MINEDUC on Thursday announced that among the passers, girls in general education schools outnumbered their elders as the passers are 23,978 equal to 50.6%, while boys are 44%.

In technical schools, boys are ahead as they make up 52.6%, and girls make up 45.2%, while in TTC girls are 60.3% and boys are 39.6%.

The Secretary of State in the Ministry of Education in charge of primary and secondary schools, Twagirayezu Gaspard, thanked the students who performed well in the exams, teachers, and parents.

“I would like to thank the students here who have been able to work harder than others and the teachers who have been involved in this whole program both in terms of preparing the tests and correcting them,” he said.

The Director of Examinations at the National School Examinations and Inspection Agency (NESA), Kanamugire Emile, pointed out that teachers are involved in the preparation of examinations because they know the children they teach and their knowledge.

A new scoring system

Kanamugire pointed out that a new method was used to determine the grades, where all grades were set at 60 instead of 73 as usual.

An examinee who scores between 70-100 in a particular subject is in the category called ‘Excellence’ which is assigned the letter ‘A’ with a value of 6.

The next category between 69 and 65 is the letter ‘B’ with a value of 5. Between 64 and 60 is ‘C’, the value of which is ‘4’. Between 59 and 50, the letter is ‘D’ and its value is ‘3’.

He is between 40-49, the letter associated with his class is ‘E’ and its value is ‘2’. A grade 1 score is between 20 and 39.

His class is marked with the letter ‘S’. If you get between 0 and 19, you win. Its letter is ‘F’ and its value is ‘0.’

Appeals will be made through educational institutions and independent candidates who have reached NESA.

Kanamugire continued, “The reason why appeals are closed in the school is that the teachers know the performance of the students and that helps us to see the appeals and respond to them.”

Students achieve better than others
High achievers in various categories were commended for their display of character and skill during a challenging school year.

In general education schools

The winner was Gwiza Ngamije Nesta who studied at Petit Seminaire Virgo Fidelis de Butare, followed by Ineza Oryse who studied at Gashora Girls Academy of Science and Technology, Ndahimana Alexis ES Kirinda, Hirwa Sebera Arnold from Rwanda School of Creative Arts and Music Ntakirutimana Elia G.S.O de Butare and Niyovuze Caleb attends Cornerstone Leadership Academy


Dukundimana Claude who studied at IPRC Kigali was the one who took first place, followed by Nyandwi Emmanuel from Kageyo TVET School, Ashimwe Sibomana from Response World Mission TVET School, Irumva Habumugisha Anselme from Rwanda Coding Academy and Uwimbabazi Charlotte from ACEJ

Twinner was Uwamahoro Donat who studied at TTC Mururu, Kimenyi Frank from TTC Save, Niyomukiza Elie from TTC Rubengera, Uwamaria Chantal from TTC Save, and Niyomungeri Olivier who studied at TTC Rubengera.

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