FDLR fighters have insisted that they are working with the FARDC.

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The fighters of the FDLR group were captured by the M23 group and insisted that they were working with the Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (FARDC), while this group was formed by those involved in the genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda in 1994. FDLR fighters have insisted that they are working with the FARDC.

These are accusations that Rwanda has continued to express, yet the RDC denies them and pretends to be deliberate.

The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the DRC, Christophe Lundula, recently told the United Nations Security Council that they have asked anyone who has information about the leader of the FDLR in Congo, where he is located or its collaboration with the FARDC in attacks on Rwandan land, respect them.

“It’s been three months, we’re still waiting,” he said.

However, the FDLR did not stop strengthening this partnership, which took another step after the lack of fighting by M23. Videos released by FDLR fighters captured by M23 reveal more about the operation of this group. Among those arrested is Adjutant Uwamungu Innocent, who says he was born in Gisenyi, Mutura.

He says that he was arrested by M23 during the fight that took place in the last few days, in Rutare near Paris, going to Tongo. He said, “They captured me while we were fighting, I am an FDLR.”

Adjutant Uwamungu worked in the secretariat of General Pacifique Ntawunguka alias Omega, who heads the military department (FDLR-FOCA) after the assassination of Sylvestre Mudacumura. He said that he joined the FDLR from Masisi, although he had arrived there from refugee camps in the forests of Congo, in 1996.

He lists the leaders of the FDLR in Congo including the chief Lt Gen Iyamuremye Gaston alias Byiringiro known as Victor Rumuri, Gen Omega, his accuser Gen Mugisha, Secretary General Gen Gakwerere, Gen Uwimbabazi Sebastien known as Nyembo Kimenyi in charge of intelligence, Gen Matovu, Gen Manzi, Gen Serge, Gen Calme, and Gen Po├Ęte.

He continued, “Where we were, there was a group led by Circophe, working in Kazaroho, another led by Colonel Oreste working in Bwindi and coming to Paris, and (Colonel) Ruhinda’s battalion working in the rock in Rugari.”

This FDLR fighter was being asked questions by Major Willy Ngoma who speaks for M23, and he answered in Kinyarwanda like his colleagues.

He was asked why they were wearing FARDC uniforms and if they were really working together.He continued, “We work with FARDC during the war. We also work with Nyatura and train them.”He also spoke about FDLR political leaders including its President Lt Gen Byiringiro Victor, who he says lives in Kazaroho, along with Colonel Circophe.

Gen Omega now lives in Rutare in Tongo, where he lives with a few soldiers. He continued, “At the last place he was with a few soldiers but they looked like they were hiding, they were hiding in the rock.”He said that the FDLR is supported by farming and taxing the people, otherwise, the money is used to buy medicine and ammunition.

Prime Minister Soldat Safari Mbitse was also born in the DRC, so he never arrived in Rwanda. Asked where they get the military equipment, he said, “It is the FARDC that sends us.” Premier Sergeant Uwiduhaye Marie Chantal says she was born in Gisenyi. His father was born in Rwerere, as was his mother.

Among others arrested is Prime Minister Soldat Dieumerci Birihanze Jacques, who claims to have been born in Congo, and his parents were born in Rwanda, so he cannot be identified. Among them is Pastor Niyonzima Jean Damascene who was captured by the FDLR, and said that he helps the FDLR with the information it needs.

He was born in the former Kinyami Municipality in Byumba Prefecture, where he left in 1994.He says that at that time he was the ‘Assistant Bourgmestre’ of Burugumestri Nyakamwe Antoine, who was in charge of Kinyami Municipality.

When they asked him what he wanted, he said, “I want to go back to my motherland, I want them to help me get to my motherland.”He was sent to a place where the FDLR would develop the financial capacity to survive.He said, “I see them taxing the people, years when they are harvesting, the people are giving beans, corn…”

Among the others arrested are Uwase Diane, Nzamatikazu Consolata, and Nyiramirhire Esperance.

Analysts point out that when the FDLR arrived in the DRC after committing the Genocide, this group continued to spread the ideology of the Genocide, which led to another massacre in the country.

Currently, there is a fear that in the DRC there is the planning and implementation of a gradual genocide plan, targeting the Congolese Tutsis.


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