A man found condoms in his wife’s purse and started to fight.

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A man who lives in Akabahizi cell in Gitega Sector, Nyarugenge District, found condoms in his wife’s purse and started to strip her but luckily the neighbors helped. A man found condoms in his wife’s purse and started to fight.

The man fell on these condoms that were in his wife’s purse around 8:30 on Thursday, December 15, 2022.

Residents told IGIHE that the man was already hiding from his wife because of the information he received that he was cheating on him.

It is said that the man opened his wife’s purse to take the phone to check the people who were talking to her and found two condoms. He then hugged her and asked who they had sex with, and she start screaming.

Rutagungira Andrew said, “The man told us that he heard the woman’s phone calling but he didn’t answer it, she told him to answer it and then he grabbed his bag to see who was calling her. That’s when he found two condoms and they started fighting because the woman had already chased him.”

The man who was accused of beating his wife told IGIHE that after he took the condoms he found in her purse, he chased her away shouting to hide the evidence so that others would not see what she was doing.

He said, “I didn’t hit him, I didn’t even want to. It’s not the first time I’ve heard that she is cheating me, but I said I’ll accept it as long as you hold on to it. He added that this woman has three children and even after he attached condoms to her, he wants a divorce because he cannot continue living with someone who cheats on him without any objection.

The woman refused to make any statement to the media and immediately got on her motorcycle and told her children that she was going to her home in Miduha in Nyamirambo Sector.

Only one of the women in the neighborhood, who declined to be named, told IGIHE that she told him that these condoms were the ones she and other women were given in training to prevent sexually transmitted diseases, including the AIDS virus.

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